What or what?! Apple comes with replacement parts so you can repair your iPhone yourself

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This scenario may have literally never happened to you, but it can’t be played around with: a lot of parts of the iPhone just can’t take a beating. Whether it’s the screen, camera, or something else, according to Apple, repairing a broken part is only allowed at authorized repairers and costs a lot of people.

Self Service Repair

But this may change soon. The tech company announced that it will launch a new service, called Self-Service Repair, in the US at the beginning of 2022. Concretely, this means that customers will be able to order more than 200 parts and accessories online to repair their iPhones. Apple adds that the service is actually for independent technicians with experience repairing smartphones. So less experienced users are advised to consult an authorized repairman with the parts – a bit contradictory, but that’s okay. In 2022, the service will also roll out to the rest of the world, and who knows, you might be able to fix your smartphone yourself in a year.

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The announcement of the self-service reform comes after the Federal Trade Commission unanimously approved the right to reform.

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