What will the weather be like during the rest of the summer vacation?

Sitting outside at the campsite will be possible again next week. Photo: Neil van Es

Summer vacation started this week and there are no summer scenes at all. In fact, the weather this week is sometimes not much lower than a normal autumn day. You can read here whether the holiday weather will be better in your country in the near future.

Temperatures are particularly low these days. Normal values ​​for this time of year are between 19 and 24 degrees. This Wednesday it will be only 15 to 17 degrees. Are you camping in the Ardennes? Then even a thick jacket at midday is not an unnecessary luxury. In some places the temperature does not exceed 12 degrees, and it is also subject to change with periods of rain. Temperatures rise slightly again on Thursday and the chances of rain decrease. You can read all the details about the weather until the end of the week in us Wide-range weather forecast.

Weather is improving

The temperature will rise further this weekend and we will see temperatures above 20 degrees again almost all over the country. Only near the sea and in the Ardennes is it a little warmer at 17 to 19 degrees. The weather is a little variable. Saturday starts with rain accompanied by strong south-westerly winds. During the day it is dry in most places with occasional sunshine. Sunday looks to be quite dry with plenty of sunshine. It is great weather for doing something outside, as there is little wind.

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The weather is likely to be warmer next week.

Good news for holidaymakers back home, because the second week of this summer holiday is looking much more favourable! The weather could be warm and summery again by the middle of next week. We expect the highest temperatures in De Kempen. It could reach 27 degrees here on Wednesday.

The first half of the week is mostly dry with regular sunshine, making for great holiday weather. Occasional showers are possible, but large amounts don’t seem to be an option. From Thursday, the chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms increases, although the exact path and timing of these at this time is still very uncertain.

Stable summer weather is hard to find.

However, there does not appear to be any stable summer weather in the long term. The wind direction appears to be shifting from west to southwest again over the following weekend, causing temperatures to drop again and the chance of rain to increase again.

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