WhatsApp is getting more features for groups that have WhatsApp communities

WhatsApp is working hard behind the scenes to develop new features for groups. These WhatsApp Communities facilitate, among other things, the creation and management of multiple chat groups.

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New features for groups in WhatsApp

in a The WhatsApp You can actually create groups, but the options in the group were rather limited. It seems that this is now slowly changing, because in a new version of WhatsApp there appears to be a function to create “communities”. This feature is not yet available in public beta and it will likely be some time before you can start using it.

WhatsApp Communities are coming

WhatsApp Communities can be compared a bit with the extension discord-server. Here you will find different groups or chat channels. A channel can contain multiple groups and these channels belong to different administrators.

In WhatsApp Communities, admins also get more options for managing groups (or communities). Administrators can also invite other users to the community. This can be done manually or via a special invite link. This depends on whether the group is private or not.

Download WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, but now it faces stiff competition among others, cable and Signal. Despite this, it is still a huge chatting service on iPhones. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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WhatsApp is constantly being developed, so it is always useful to choose the latest version from the App Store. New features often appear in beta before they are rolled out to all users.

WhatsApp Messenger

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Tips for WhatsApp

Anyone can submit an app, but WhatsApp has a lot more to offer than that. The chatting app is packed with features that make the app more fun. Take this example silent message. Thanks to this feature, you will not be distracted all the time by the sound of incoming messages. It’s also very good to do Make your own stickers for whatsapp.

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