When it comes to protecting health, there is great confidence in the science

Berlin. Science can better protect the health of a population. About two-thirds of Germans are convinced of this. This is the result of “Current Consumer Monitor,” a representative population survey conducted by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). In contrast, according to a recent study report, only one in six respondents trust politics or business when it comes to protecting their health.

About 1,000 people participated in the survey. Headquartered in the Federal Administration of Food and Agriculture, BfR advises the federal government and federal states on issues related to food, chemicals, and product safety.

These topics also fall into the Consumer Watch Center, which is published twice a year: According to the most recent survey, 22 percent of respondents cited certain combinations of nutrients as the biggest health risks – for example, high levels of sugar, fat, or salt in food. Following an unhealthy diet and lifestyle (13 percent) plus unwanted substances and food additives (11 percent each) at a greater distance.

Antibiotic resistance and plastic particles in food are what most people care about. According to the press release, 57 percent were concerned about antibiotic resistance and 54 percent about microplastics in food. “According to current knowledge, plastic particles in food are unlikely to pose a risk to human health,” says Professor Andreas Hensel, Head of the BfR.

On the other hand, people surveyed had relatively few concerns about food hygiene in the home, and only one in ten was concerned about it. Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds (66 percent) feel at home in this area. However, according to the BfR, poor food hygiene in the home is scientifically one of the main causes of foodborne illness. (Kaha)

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