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Types of sleep: according to American sleep doctor Michael Breus There are four different species, all named after an animal. What is your type, and most importantly, what does this say about your sleep schedule?

Any type of sleep says something about your biological clock.

These are the four types of sleep, according to sleep doctor Breus

American Michael Breus He is trained as a clinical psychologist, but is known worldwide as a “sleep doctor”. He teaches (and preaches like no other) that a good night’s sleep is of unprecedented importance, so he developed four types of sleep with which you should get to know yourself better. Because anyone who knows her biological rhythm well knows how to make the most of her sleep, if you ask the Prius. Those four types? Name them the animals that each rhythm resembles: bear, dolphin, wolf, and lion.

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The bear

The largest group (Dr. Breus mentioned about 55%) can call themselves a bear when it comes to sleep. The biorhythms of these people naturally stick to eight hours of sleep each night and, subconsciously or unconsciously, take nature and its seasons into account. The bear sleeps longer and deeper in the fall, gets tired later on summer evenings and wakes up refreshed early in the morning.

de wolf

The fact that you never spot wolves during the day says everything you need to know about this type of sleep. Those who prefer to live at night, who cannot move forward in the morning and who live productively and actively in the evening, are undoubtedly a wolf of a sleeping type.

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Anyone who identifies himself in the type of dolphin sleep belongs to an unfortunate part of the population. It is estimated that about 10 to 15% suffer from this: dolphins are chronically tired, sleep very lightly and wake up regularly during the night.

the lion

is the word snnominate Not in your dictionary. Probably a Leo: This type of sleeper jumps out of bed in the morning, is most active before noon and often snoozes in the afternoon. Going to a party or hanging out in front of the TV until the late hours is not an option for a Leo: on the other hand, going to bed early sounds like a dream.

This is how you improve your sleep rhythm based on sleep types

A sleep doctor would not be a sleep doctor if he did not come up with solutions for each type of sleep in addition to listing the characteristics. For example, a dolphin, a light sleeper, can get up early and start its day with the letter work outWhile the wolf does benefit from a quiet morning in which she gathers her thoughts. There are also significant differences between bedtimes: according to Dr. Breus, it is best for a lion to crawl under the wool at half past nine, while a wolf makes the most of its sleep rhythm when it sinks into its bed around midnight. The doctor has also thought about the best time for dinner, important meetings and whether or not to take an afternoon nap. In this table you will find all the tips for each type of sleep.

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