White farmers in Zimbabwe receive compensation for expropriation of farms after two decades | abroad

Zimbabwe paid reparations for the first time to white farmers whose lands were seized nearly 20 years ago. This arrangement is seen as an important step towards ending the economic crisis caused by land expropriation.

The Kuvimba Mining House, which is largely owned by the state, transferred €838,000. Last year, the government promised the affected farmers the amount of billions, but did not want to pay it all at once.

Zimbabwe was formerly known as the breadbasket of Africa, but that changed in 2000 when armed gangs took over farms from white farmers. The perpetrators had the support of Robert Mugabe’s government, which said he wanted to return the land to black Zimbabweans.

Then the Zimbabwean economy entered a downward spiral. Exports collapsed and Western sanctions were imposed. The country has been experiencing hyperinflation in recent years. The military forced Mugabe, then 93, to resign in 2017. He died two years later in Singapore.

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