Who checks if people are going into isolation? It turns out that the control is not irrigation

Restrictions on people returning to the Netherlands from high-risk countries are nothing more than irrigation. Research shows this News time. For example, it is often unclear whether people will be isolated for ten days.

For example, high-risk countries are India, South Africa and South America. But the infectious delta variant is also spreading in the United Kingdom.

They are allowed to enter and leave those countries, but only under strict conditions: passengers must show a negative PCR test upon boarding the flight, and they must be isolated for ten days upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Airlines that are not properly verified

The check starts at Shipol, where people arrive by staff from GGT Kennermeland. Anyone who does not show proper documentation will be noticed, but can proceed.

“This is 45 to 46 abnormalities per week,” says Jelle Pujtendik of Gigi Kennermand. “So we notice a deviation of 3 out of 1000 passengers. It may not be on its own, but it may be a sufficient factor to indicate that airlines should pay more attention to it.”

Airlines must check people when boarding a flight. Anyone who could not hand over the correct documents at Shipol was not properly verified on departure.

It is not possible to stop people with incorrect data at the airport. “We are not customs officers, so we can not focus on that. We have been instructed to check mainly airlines.”


GGT records all deviations, but then selects 300 forms based on a random sample. These are sent to a special call center.

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Once you are isolated at home, someone from ANWB may call you. The organization has taken telephone checks for broken cars in general, at the request of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. However, during the conversations people were not seriously asked if they were really at home.

These individuals who are isolated expect a control call. “I can go somewhere else.”

These people are isolated

Only: When someone says they are in isolation, when they really are not? “You never know,” said Marco Gonzalez of ANWB. “For example, we focus on ambient noise and we open up a conversation about it.”

Then there are still many who do not pick up the phone. “Hiring doesn’t happen in about 30 percent of cases,” says Gonzalez. “So that’s a lot.”

‘Not waterproof’

The ANWB call team tries three times to catch someone. If this still does not work, the data will be sent to the municipality. The decision may be made to send a boa there. If the passenger does not comply with the isolation duty, a fine of 9 339 may be imposed.

ANWB’s Gonzalez agrees that this system does not filter out all ‘isolated evaders’ in any way. “It’s not nonsense, but I think it’s very possible within the possibilities.”

“This is a choice that will be made at the national and police level,” says Jelly Bujtendiz of the GGD. “We do it as well as possible to mix as neatly as possible. But it’s not completely watering.”

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