Who will be the next president of France? At eight in the evening we will know if it is Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen

Because polling stations do not close until 8 pm, the media in France are prohibited from publishing opinion polls before that time. (French-speaking) media abroad are allowed to do so, So does RTBF with us

Although it is always keen on temporary and unofficial results, Belgian public radio, French-speaking, has already reported that Macron will win soon. The outgoing president wins 55 to 58 percent of the vote, according to two exit polls. Once again: This has not been confirmed, and it remains to be seen the official results.

Earlier, the RTBF reported, again on the basis of opinion polls that we should always treat with caution, that Le Pen wins in almost all of France’s Overseas Territories. In Guadeloupe she won with 69.60% of the vote compared to 30.40% for Macron. In Martinique, according to RTBF, the ratio is 60.87 against 39.13 percent in favor of Le Pen. In French Guiana, Le Pen won 60.70 percent of the vote, in Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy with 55.52 percent and in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon with 50.69 percent.

In French Polynesia, Macron achieved 51.81 percent, according to RTBF. It will also come out as a winner among the French living abroad. RTBF holds a score of 89 percent in Argentina, 86 percent in Brazil, 87 percent in Chile, 86 percent in Canada (excluding the Vancouver result) and 92 percent in the United States (excluding the Chicago and New Orleans results).

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