Why walking backward is so healthy for you

Do you like to walk? Try doing it a little differently next time. Walking backwards will be healthier for you.

And as crazy as it may sound, after reading this article, you’ll probably want to photograph it. Somewhere in the woods where no one can see you.

Why don’t you walk forward but walk backward?

Regular walking is already very healthy for you. Not to mention walking backwards. Taking a step back had no such positive meaning. Because walking backward instead of forward will be better for your muscles, joints, and mental health. This is what it does for you…


You are not used to walking backwards, so you need more effort from your body. This gives a small boost to your condition.

burn calories

If you want to lose weight, walking backwards can also enhance your goal. Since you are asking more effort from your body, you also burn more calories.


Do you have weak knees? Even then, walking or running backwards can be a good idea, he points out Research from. You put less pressure on your knees. “When you walk forward, there is always a little hovering phase when your foot is off the ground. This buoyancy ends with a shock when your foot hits the ground and your knees absorb that shock,” explains physical therapist Frederic de Vries. latest news. “When you walk backwards, you don’t have that floating phase and that effect, which is a positive thing.” An ideal post-surgery rehabilitation exercise on your knee, too. Do this only in consultation with your doctor and/or physiotherapist.

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from Research It also appears that it can have a positive effect on your overall situation. When you walk backward, there is a greater extension of the hip: you extend your leg from your hip. As a result, you make yourself a little taller, so that you stand well.


Finally, walking backwards gets your brain working. This way of walking requires more coordination and thinking. In part for this reason, walking backwards can also be a good post-stroke rehabilitation exercise.

So, are you convinced to at least try it out? We probably don’t have to tell you that it’s best to start with caution to reduce the chance of falling. But practice makes perfect!


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