Will the British have to ditch the turkey at Christmas?

“Many turkey farms are understaffed,” Tim de Witt says. Speech makers. This shortage is a problem in many sectors, says the former reporter. “The turkey is a symbol of Christmas and so there is some buzz around it. Christmas is sacred in Britain and don’t touch the turkey.”

Truck drivers shortage

“It turns out that being able to slaughter the turkey, prepare it for sale and then transport it is a real problem.” The latter is due to the significant shortage of truck drivers. As a result, there was a race for frozen turkey two months before Christmas. “Then put it in the freezer, you can just hold it.”

Britain’s exit from the European Union and the pandemic

De Wit explains that it is all too easy to point to Brexit alone as the cause of the shortage. But to say it has nothing to do with Brexit, which the government likes to do, is also wrong. It’s more accurate.”

The pandemic and a recovering economy also have something to do with it. “There is a huge demand for anything and everything. The shortage of drivers can also be seen, for example, here and in other European countries.”

“The difference is that many drivers from Eastern European countries have returned during the pandemic and have not returned to the UK due to Brexit. This just creates those additional problems.”

Watch the entire conversation with Tim de Wit back at Spraakmakers:

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