Wind energy from Tibet can drive China’s energy transition

A new report estimates that windmills in Tibet could generate enough electricity to fully supply the equivalent of Germany, the United Kingdom and France. It can increase the costs of building mills and transportation, but that should not prevent the investigation.

He. She China National Climate Center In a recent report on the energy transition, he says that the Tibet Autonomous Region offers opportunities to generate 600 gigawatts of wind energy. This is enough to supply Germany, the UK and France. It is also more than thirty times the capacity of Belgium.

In addition, an additional 420 GW could be generated on the neighboring Qinghai Plateau and the foothills of the Tibetan Plateau in Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan and Xinjiang provinces.

The National Energy Administration He immediately responded with a directive to accelerate the construction of green energy bases in Tibet.

The fact that there are so many suitable places for wind turbines in Tibet does not mean that they are easy to install. Providing the necessary materials for hard-to-reach places is an expensive process. Transmission of the generated electricity to densely populated coastal areas requires expensive ultra-high voltage lines. At present, only windmills with a total capacity of 30 megawatts (0.03 gigawatts) operate in Tibet. In the whole of Tibet, the cogeneration capacity of all power plants is 4.8 GW.

However, prospects are rosy. Prices for all sources of thermal energy have recently risen sharply, which makes the transition to green energy more interesting from an economic point of view. Solar panels and windmills are becoming more and more expensive in the world, but Chinese windmills are the exception. They are getting cheaper. Chen Haiyan, Director China Wind Energy Associationin a recent interview with China Times The cost of electricity from wind turbines will be halved within three to five years. According to him, this offers unlimited possibilities.

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source: Bloomberg

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