Wisser Job Scott withdraws ship: ‘Brexit deal not too bad’

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“To rule is to see the future.” That was the phrase Job Shot, a fisherman from Tolan, said at the end of the Brexit deal late last year. It was not clear at the time whether this was a deal or a non-contractual situation. That’s why Shot put his ship up for sale if the deal went bad.

But that did not happen. Permits are issued by the United Kingdom, meaning networks can be shut down again. This is also the reason why Scott removed the logo for sale. “We have been granted permission. Fortunately there is no need to sell my ship now. I am happy with it. For me, my son and the boys on board.”

If you catch a lot of fish, there are a lot of fish, so why should we get out of there? “

John Square of ARM15 on the condition of the Norwegian Sea.

Earlier this year, there were also fears about checks in regional waters. The United Kingdom has indicated that they will use warships for this purpose. The fishermen were afraid that the restrictions would be too strict and take too long. “You’re getting closer to the UK, you’re so scared. But they were on board, and so were the colleagues. Anyway, it’s better than expected.”

A side note to the situation is that Zeland fishermen are allowed to catch an average of 25 percent less in English waters than all other types of fish caught. But now the nets can be removed again, and this is good news for the hundred Geeland families who depend on fishing in the area.

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Norwegian Water

Nets can also be removed in Norwegian water. As a result of the Brexit situation, Norway decided to close their waters for three months earlier this year. They wanted better deals with European fishermen. This was a setback for the Zeeland fishermen, who moved from English to Norwegian waters.

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One of the cutters who did this at the end of last year was John Schroeder ARM15 of Arnemyton. According to him, the closure was completely unexpected. “We have never experienced this before. Then you can fish less than three months, which affects your income.”

The area is now reopened, and permits have been issued here. But reservation from the Norwegian government. He has decided that part of the area could be closed to fishermen if they think there are too many fishermen. They can do that because they have no members in the EU.

Incomprehensible according to John Scare. “If you catch a lot of fish, there are a lot of fish, so why should we leave? We have our quota, not allowed to catch anymore. So what’s the problem?” But as the saying goes, nets can be removed now, and that’s what’s most important, says Shearer. “You have extra options now, so it’s positive.”

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