Wright worried about his wife suffering from back pain: ‘Her health is my number one priority’

Peter Wright might be soon without a colorful mohawk for a while. His wife Joe, who is Snakebite hair before every match, may not be able to go to the tournaments for a while.

Joe has been suffering from painful back problems for some time and actually had surgery last year, but that treatment didn’t help. Wright’s wife will have surgery again soon.

It is a major concern. Joe’s health is my number one priority. Unfortunately, the previous process did not help. You still have a lot of pain every day. Joe does her best to go to the tournaments and blow-dry my hair, but she can barely stand up these days, ” says former world champion Oche180.

The second operation is coming soon

Wright’s wife will have back surgery for the second time in May. “I told her she’s not going to the second half of the Premier League after that. I’ll play after that without styling my hair. It might help my prep, but we do it mainly for fans and people sitting in front of the TV at home. People love her when they see someone different.” ‘

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