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24GB is still more than the consumer model

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In a recent video, Gamers Nexus dissected an Xbox Series X, which appears to have 40GB of RAM.

The alleged SDK version of the Xbox Series X was already blocked before Gamers Nexus picked the device from eBay. You can buy the devkit on sales platforms for around €1350, although Microsoft seems to be able to block the consoles entirely from a distance. Even devices that remain completely offline will lose the ability to play games at all.

However, Gamers Nexus saw an opportunity to do their first comprehensive deconstruction of the unique console in development. for every Youtube video The entire device has been thoroughly studied and, of course, unscrewed. In many ways, the device mirrors the consumer model, with more options in ports and a non-split (but double-sided) motherboard. It is unclear if the clock speeds of the AMD-developed Scarlett apu have increased.

It also appears that the amount of RAM on the motherboard deviates significantly from the final specifications. The consumer version of the Xbox Series X offers a total of 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, while the hardware has a particularly massive 40 GB. Specifically, it concerns Samsung’s GDDR6 modules, which are clocked at 14 Gbps.

The Xbox Series X splits 16 GB of capacity into three groups: 10 GB for graphics, with an additional 3.5 GB for system memory and 2.5 GB for the operating system. According to game developers, the extra 24 GB of devkit is mainly for decompressing additional builds and hardware (such as frame data and debug information).

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Devkits from consoles are often enriched with additional memory, but the Xbox Series X seems to have handled that with exceptional luxury. It is impossible to know what will be possible with this due to the effective ban from Microsoft. Gamers Nexus is also publicly asking for input to get around the ban; So far there doesn’t seem to be a solution to restart the blocked devkit again.

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