You probably recognize these annoying iPhone issues too (and this is how you solve them)!

Everyone experiences problems with the iPhone from time to time, but what are the most common problems around the world? I called It Gives You Top 3 iPhone Problems (and Solutions)!

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Most common iPhone problems

Face ID or iPhone issues that won’t start: You might have encountered these types of problems. You are really not alone as iPhone owners all over the world face this kind of problem on a daily basis.

Location Freedom for phones So he released a list of keywords that iPhone owners use at Google when they have a problem. The data is based on search results from the US and UK, and gives a general idea of ​​the most common iPhone problems.

1. iPhone Blocked: Connect to iTunes

The biggest problem all over the world is a blocked iPhone. This happens if you enter the wrong access code too many times. Sometimes you don’t remember the code yourself, but it may also happen that one of your kids got your iPhone.

You get 10 times chance to enter the correct code. Don’t you work ten times? Then you will be in trouble and your iPhone will be blocked. Then you need to connect the device to iTunes to use it again.

Don’t you know how to do it or does it not work? do not worry! Because we have the solution for you. In the article below, you can read exactly how you can use the blocked iPhone again.

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2. Forgot iPhone passcode

If you can’t use Face ID or Touch ID, you’ll need to enter the passcode. But what if you forgot it? Of course, you hardly enter this code when you always unlock iPhone with your face or fingerprint.

It is not wise to just gamble. It will only cause more problems with your iPhone. Moreover, you end up with the first problem while you are away from home. The solution is very simple: if you forgot your access code, read the article below.

Alphanumeric password as passcode

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3. Problems with Face ID on iPhone

Face ID is very cool, because it is secure and you can quickly unlock your iPhone. Still, many iPhone owners around the world are facing issues with Face ID.

Of course, the job is not without its quirks. For example, when the sun is shining behind you, the iPhone camera has difficulty capturing your face. As a result, Face ID does not work.

If you also have issues with Face ID, you should take a look at the article below. Then you can solve this problem in no time!

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Set up Face ID on iPhone

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