“Your flight is six hours late”: A “joke” at the airport blew up a British tourist | a stranger

A “joke” at the airport of the Greek island of Zakynthos broke the British tourist. The young man told other travelers that their flight was delayed by hours, causing chaos. In the end, he was the only one who missed his flight.

The man grabbed the microphone from an abandoned table and let his imagination run wild. Among other things, it appeared that “the flight to Gatwick was delayed by six hours”. The concerned vacationers looked at each other in astonishment.

When the Briton repeated the message to travelers to Manchester a little later, he quickly fell through the cracks. That trip was not planned for that day. In the end, he was taken away by an airport employee and an agent.

leave without it?

Fellow passenger Sam Wilson, who was on his way to Birmingham, was able to film the entire scene with his cell phone. We were waiting at our gate when suddenly we heard some strange announcements. At least three flights were delayed. Half of the airport couldn’t see it, it was funny to see all those surprised faces.”

His friends were reportedly worried about him. “They doubted if they could leave without him. The airport initially threatened to cancel his passport for three days, but eventually he was allowed to get rid of it after a few hours.” He was allowed to write his flight on his stomach.

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