De trailer van de Johnny Depp-film 'Sweeney Todd' was eigenlijk compleet misleidend
Kapsalon Romy was awarded Best Dutch Family Film at Cinekid
Music for films: Bernard Herrmann - VPRO Cinema
NPO Klassiek Filmmuziek Top 200
Judi Dench makes a move at The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Duck - IFFR

Duck – IFFR

World premiere of the film a duck, a classic spy thriller with a twist. With an all-star cast that includes deepfakes like Sean Connery and Marilyn Monroe, McLean turns the popular genre into a beautiful game of pop culture bingo that reflects fake news, virtual reality, and alternative facts. But…

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Eternal Daughter - IFFR

Eternal Daughter – IFFR

Directly to the sidebar in Memorial (2019) and Remembrance, Part Two (2021), Tilda Swinton and her daughter Honor Swinton-Byrne play Rosalind and Julie respectively, similar to screenwriter and director Joanna Hogg (2021).exhibitionIFFR 2014) and her mother. Eternal daughter It transports the relationship between Julie and Rosalind to another place and…

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Blue Jean - IFFR

Blue Jean – IFFR

Directly to the sidebar In 1988, Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government introduced the infamous Section 28, a law banning the promotion of homosexuality. Jane is gay, but not out of the closet. During the day she works as a high school gym teacher, and in the evening she plays pool at…

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Closed - Cinema Newspaper

Closed – Cinema Newspaper

A mix of relationship drama and theftThe movie turns out to be an insurance drama Close As uncomfortable as the broken relationship in her heart. However, the film’s manic energy is infectious. Do you remember the first lockdown in 2020? When half of humanity, with nothing to do, suddenly rushed…

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Prince William and Prince Harry have both starred in Star Wars