Mercedes team image ‘too white’ for Hamilton: ‘There are only three people of colour’

We mainly know Lewis Hamilton as the exceptionally successful Formula 1 driver who is seeking his eighth and ninth titles. However, the 38-year-old Briton has an even greater passion outside of racing: diversity and inclusion.

Through projects such as the Hamilton Commission, Accelerate 25, the Apex F1 film and a documentary about himself, Sir Louis is busy promoting greater diversity and inclusion in one of the world’s most exclusive sports. Hamilton has previously admitted that his various campaigns are more important than Formula 1.

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Very white and very male

As a fanatical rider of diversity, Lewis was very disappointed by the traditional team image at the end of the season in Abu Dhabi. In his opinion, the Mercedes configuration is still too white and too masculine. Given that the Mercedes Accelerate 25 project aims to achieve 25% diversity by 2025, this is simply not good enough. Hamilton wants to see this change in the short term:

“It’s a long process that actually started here in 2019. We just took a team photo and I’m still looking and saying ‘Damn, we still have a lot of work to do.’ “There are three people of color, for example. But there are a lot of women.”

“But it still needs to change. There will be another team photo this week, and if you compare that to 2019, I’m sure it’s not quite where it should be at all. So the challenge is to see how that can happen.” “. “We’re changing that.”

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The perfect picture

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Lewis says he has seen little change in the past three years, but he remains determined to continue building a more diverse and inclusive future for Formula 1. Most of his projects aim to help less fortunate people and people of color to help young people. Obtaining senior positions in the technology sector. Ultimately, this white and masculine sector should transform into the ideal image of the seven-time world champion:

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“The work I do is really focused on the kids and creating a future pipeline and starts from the bottom up. It’s great to finally see the team come together and to see us start to make a real impact. It makes me so proud. When we’re in Austin, the kids come, “All the young women came.”

“When we were in the UK, we were welcomed by a really diverse group of children. It was really great to be able to open the door for these children to see what was possible and express their interests. Awakening and creating dreams “They probably never thought it was possible. So I’m looking forward to the future. “It’s just a long trip.”

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