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In Dubai, megalomaniac construction projects have been popping up like mushrooms for many years and there seems to be no end to them. A Canadian architectural firm is planning a giant 225-meter-high moon-shaped resort. The resort targets 2.5 million visitors annually and wants to offer “affordable space tourism”.

Those who want to visit the Moon will not necessarily have to study to become astronauts in the future. If the Canadian architectural firm Moon World Resorts Inc. You can also travel to Dubai to book a luxury room at Moon World.

If the plans are carried out, you can stay there in a giant moon-shaped building, 735 feet or 225 meters high. The exterior of the building will give a view of the moon’s surface and of course the huge orb will be lit at night, giving you the feeling of looking at the moon. Different lighting effects may be possible depending on the phases of the moon.

Five billion dollars

Construction will cost about $5 billion. The architectural firm is convinced that the construction itself – subject to 12 months of preparation – will take only 48 months. “If we start in 2023, the resort could open in 2027 or 2028,” said Michael R. Henderson, one of the creators.

According to the architects, if the necessary preparations are made, the building can be built for 48 months. © Moon World Resorts Inc.

The planet-shaped holiday site hopes to attract 2.5 million “visiting astronauts” a year, each paying at least $500 or euros. In addition to the Moon Colony, the complex also has space for an exclusive wellness area and nightclub. The creators hope to boost Dubai’s economy.

moon shuttle

There will be 300 sky villas in the superstructure of the disk-shaped complex, which will be sold to individuals. They have access to an exclusive private club. Guests can use the on-site nightclub, event center, public lounge, space center and even a ‘moon shuttle’ that takes you around the property.

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