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This week, small farmers travel through Flanders with a shaft of tractors. They fear for their future, in part due to impending stricter nitrogen regulations. This was reported by initiator Groene Kring, Boerenbond’s sister organization.

“The nitrogen profile threatens to have a major impact on the ability to operate a farm,” says Groen Kering. Moreover, the licensing process is almost at a standstill, so the entrepreneurship of young farmers is limited. In addition, the ever-changing policy is putting farmers’ legal certainty at risk.

To express their concern, the young farmers will drive a column of tractors through Flanders from Tuesday to Saturday. They visit a different province every day, starting in Limburg on Tuesday.

Groene Kring’s chairman Bram Van Heck emphasizes that the intent is not to disrupt traffic or block streets. “There will be between 15 and 50 tractors. They will pass through cities and municipalities, but this will often lead to very local and temporary inconvenience. We want everything to go smoothly and to be in contact with the police.”

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