1,000-year-old boat found during excavations in Dutch Limburg | abroad

In Dutch Limburg, a boat that was almost a thousand years old was found while mining gravel near Maas. The Grensmaas Confederation declared these to be the remains of a wooden ship of a river barge from the eleventh to thirteenth centuries.

According to the consortium, this is probably the oldest ship ever discovered in Dutch Limburg. The remains of the boat were found at a depth of about 15 meters while removing gravel near the village of Grevenbicht. The remains of such a boat were previously found in Deventer and Vleuten.

Ship archaeologist Alice Overmere describes the wooden ship as a very special find. A total of about 35 wooden remains were secured from the bottom, side and sides of the boat. An 11th or 12th century halberd ax was also found near the find. It may have been part of the stock.

Near the boat, there was a group of Marlston stones, probably the cargo of the boat that sank about a thousand years ago. Marl blocks come from Sint-Pietersberg in Maastricht. The remains of fishing nets were also found near the boat.

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