235,000 visitors to NEMO in 2021

AMSTERDAM – The NEMO Science Museum began and ends in 2021 with closed doors. Despite the long closure, more than 235,000 visitors visited the Science Museum in 2021. Families, schools and adults alike enjoyed the new activities and exhibitions.

Over the Christmas holidays, NEMO organizes four online demos for families filled with amazing science experiments. NEMO experts show more about fireworks, ice and code language in the interactive demo. For those who prefer to do it themselves, there are many fun experiments and experiments that you can do at home. So no one has to be bored this Christmas holiday!

interactive display

In about 20 minutes, a NEMO expert will show you some exciting science experiments. And you can only watch from home! There are four different demos and you can join them as many times as you like. registration in: nemosciencemuseum.nl/kerstvakantie.

Tuesday December 28, 10.00 a.m.: Christmas Party

Thursday December 30, 10.00 a.m.: Fireworks

Tuesday January 4th 10am: Ice cream

Thursday January 6, 10.00 AM: Programming Language

home tests

Discover the world around you at home. Drive a car yourself, conjure a cloud or make a robot hand. employment DISCOVER NEMO You will find many experiences to start at home.

Amsterdam Light Festival Parade

During the year of the Amsterdam Light Festival, you will see the most special works from previous versions of the festival on the waters of Amsterdam. Discover artwork from 2018 on Bridge to NEMO by artist Peter Fink.

2021 in pictures

NEMO did not sit still in 2021. The Museum opened two new galleries, teaching materials were revamped, video training sessions were introduced for teachers and lecturers, NEMO accessibility was worked out for visitors with visual impairments, and there were new activities for adults at De Studio, the weekend National of Science is back and Nemo Kineslink immerse yourself in the world of data and algorithms. Watch the retrospective in this video.

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