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Developer Superkami lets us travel with Sengoku Dynasty to Japan during the Middle Ages. You are stranded on an island in the Land of the Rising Sun, where after a shipwreck you end up in a deserted village that has burned to the ground. Some residents approach you and you see an opportunity to build your own dynasty from scratch.

Through the tasks you are taught different game mechanics. You will learn how to build buildings and how to create your own village. Most common tools and tools like hammer, axe, etc. are needed and can be crafted using just a few sticks and stones that you find in the world. You have to collect different resources in order to advance in progress to improve your tools and build different buildings.

The way you find the resources is a bit simplistic and the animation is a little too time consuming for us. It takes longer to just pick up a twig or a stone than we’re used to in other games, and the game has a stamina system that we cursed out loud. When building, you really have to anticipate everything and build piece by piece, but basically you lack stamina all the time. If you do 4 moves you have to wait a while and if you are hungry it will take longer before your stamina comes back.

The way you can craft the various resources is extensive and goes into detail. All of this takes time, of course, but fortunately you can call on other people to help you. You can expand your village with production buildings, but also houses where residents can find shelter. You can then give them a job and they will automatically perform certain tasks for you if certain criteria are met.

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Visually, the title doesn’t look bad thanks to Unreal Engine 5, but performance is a different story, as it’s very choppy and unstable. You will also encounter some bugs and everything looks a bit rough. Moreover, the user interface is a bit complicated and some actions don’t happen normally.

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