4Gamers – Review | Highwater delivers a clear message

The Earth is flooded and the planet is doomed. Enough reasons for Nikos and his friends to make the trip to Alphaville, to take a rocket to Mars and still have a future.

Highwater from developer Demagog Studio tells a rather sad story, about a future in which the Earth is completely submerged and humanity itself is doomed. Only a number of wealthy people from Alphaville still get the chance to escape to Mars and Nikos plans not to miss that trip.

Much of Highwater takes place on the water, as you sail from location to location in your boat. It's all very relaxing, with Highwater Pirate Radio – full of unique songs and dialogue – in the background.

In these locations, you sometimes have to deal with all kinds of enemies, which you have to defeat in turn-based combat. Hightwater adds a little puzzle element by giving you the opportunity to use the environment as well. For example, you can push trees. It never gets difficult and you can easily start fighting again right away.

Sometimes it feels a little unfair when new enemies appear on screen several times in a row, unexpectedly turning your tactics upside down.

After about six hours you have completely crossed the Highwater and that is enough. Despite the charming style and beautiful message, we finished it in the end. After all, some scenes are painfully slow, with dialogue you can't stop, and the message is painfully clear more than once.

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