Everyone knows the hungry yellow man who escapes from the ghosts in the maze. We are of course talking about the only PAC-MAN! Thanks to the special PAC-MAN version of the OnePlus Nord 2, it’s back from the start. If you were addicted to the game before, you will recognize these 5 things:

1. You know that PAC-MAN is now 40 years old…

Feeling old yet? Sure enough, the game came out in Japan in 1980. At that time, you could only play it in arcades and you had to wait for your turn with caution. Now you can also play it on your brand new smartphone OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition!

2. … and what is the highest possible score

Perhaps you, as an experienced fan, have already achieved the highest score yourself? The highest possible score in the game is an impressive 3,333,360 points. You can only get this score if you eat all the extra fruits, catch all the ghosts with each power-up, and complete 255 levels!

3. But you also know the 256 drawback…

Level 256 of the original game has a bug. When you get past this level, the right side of the maze turns into a jumble of letters and numbers. You cannot end the game this way. We’ll give you the technical explanation, but PAC-MAN had a memory problem to load this level.

4. …and so they always respected Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell is the only person who manages to finish the game. It also detected a 256 bug, because even creator Toru Iwatani didn’t know the bug existed. He didn’t think anyone would come this far. Billy Mitchell said in an interview that he has to play for 4-5 hours straight to get the highest score, without losing a single life. If you finish the game, congratulations will not wait for you either. There is absolutely nothing at the end of the last level. Billy Mitchell has been dubbed the “video game player of the century.”

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5. Secretly, you still play PAC-MAN now and then

Admit it, it’s a timeless game. So get new quickly OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition At home with the original PAC-MAN 256! This special edition is an upgrade for OnePlus Nord 2 5G and includes exclusive PAC-MAN content in collaboration with Bandai Namco Europe. The design of the smartphone has some typical PAC-MAN elements such as the highlights and the man himself. In the dark, you will also see a neon maze that lights up and the volume button has the same blue color as the ghosts after taking power. Moreover, your smartphone has unique icons inspired by the game, as well as creative wallpapers, camera filters, animations and ringtones.

In addition, this smartphone has the same advantages as OnePlus Nord 2. So that you can enjoy a powerful battery that you can fully charge in about 30 minutes. Additionally, on the back, you’ll find a 50MP triple camera with optical image stabilization and a sensor that captures 56 percent more. As a result, you can take crystal-clear photos in dark moments with the Nightscape Ultra function.

Are you eager to beat your highest score in PAC-MAN? Then quickly get the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN edition. For a true fan like you, this smartphone is an absolute collector’s item.

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