5 ways to work on positive health between Christmas and New Year

Why necessarily wait until the new year to work on your health? start now!

Everyone is already ringing in the new year with good intentions, so why not work on positive health by starting to live healthy now. Exercise more, drink less alcohol, stop smoking and sleep well. Start right after Christmas.

1. Exercise for positive health

Healthy life may have been jeopardized by December rush. It’s very tempting to put it off and pick up the thread again in 2024. But every little helps, even that time Christmas And the old and the new. Now fasten your seat belt To play sports.

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2. Leave the scale alone

“Don’t get fat among them.” Christmas and New YearBut between New Year’s Eve and Christmas. Leave the scale alone and decide to eat healthy these days, sleep well and exercise a lot without going to the gym. size to watch. Save that for 2024. Make the new year a year of positive health.


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3. Do something for someone else

I help you neighbor With a job you dread, donate to a good cause, help the food bank, donate your money Christmas package For someone who’s happy about it, a friend offers to babysit her kids or pays a compliment. A small gesture will not only make someone else feel good, but it will also make you feel better.

4. Look to 2023

What are you proud of? What word do you pick up? 2023 You both together? Try to emphasize the positives of this not-so-great year. Also think about something 2024 Could be better. It may be a cliche, but why not use the symbolic phrase “fresh start”?

2024 Year of the Dragon Santi
2024 Year of the Dragon

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5. Take good care of yourself

The rule that should be applied all year round is healthy living. Adequate To move, Healthy meals Adequate food and sleep are an indispensable basis. Don’t make them good intentions, act on them immediately. Also make sure you have little stress. Christmas is over, so here’s this one pressure you are lost. This is how you can stay healthy The new year in.

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Text by Manon Delmans

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December 26, 2023

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