5 ways your iPhone can improve your health

It is known that smartphones can have various health defects. However, your iPhone can also improve your health in many ways.

Spending hours scrolling through your social media timeline or playing a mobile game can be relaxing, but we all know there are better ways to spend your time.

Use your iPhone for better health

Here are several ways to improve your health with your iPhone.

#1 White noise

White noise doesn’t just work for babies: the soothing sounds help you fall asleep quickly. There are many iPhone apps that you can download for that, Like Noisli And white noise.

You can also make a playlist of soothing sounds via Spotify or Apple Music.

#2 Meditate with your iPhone

Additionally, there are many meditation apps available on your iPhone that can help you unwind after a busy and tiring day. calm And emptiness are well known examples. You can start with mindfulness and breathing exercises, among other things.

Headspace iPhone app
emptiness (photo: Dawit/Unsplash)

That way you’ll be totally back again in no time.

#3 Focus

One of the most beneficial ways to reduce stress is to reduce stimuli. On your iPhone, you can do it the easy way by setting focus.

For example, turn on Do Not Disturb mode more often. Or select your focus. You can do this via the settings in Focus. You can also quickly turn the desired focus on and off at any time via the control panel.

#4 You sleep carefree

Do you like to listen to music before sleeping? Or do you want to watch another episode of your favorite series? You can use the Clock app to set some kind of sleep timer.

You sleep with your iPhone
toki (Photo: Isabelle & Zsa Fischer/Unsplash)

For example, the content ends playing as soon as the timer you set stops. You can do this by setting a timer on your iPhone and then choosing to stop playing at the bottom.

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#5 Track habits

Finally, you can use various apps on your iPhone to help you achieve your goals. Apps like Sadat And streaks You can, for example, track your habits.

It also has a motivating effect, making it easier for you to persevere and reach your goals faster.

App Store Pearls: A Better Sleep Pillow

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Less stress, more sleep: This is how you use your iPhone as a tool

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