5x Amazing City Tours in the UK!

England is much more than iconic places like London and Manchester. Dozens of small and large towns have more to discover. From Dover to vibrant Cardiff: these 5 cities are perfect for a surprisingly cool city trip!

Visit the castle at Dover

Dover? Isn’t that port city where all those (passenger) ships stop? True, but Dover is a historically interesting place where you could easily spend a few days. Either way, visit the majestic Dover Castle and walk along the famous White Cliffs. Tip: Dover has many excellent walking trails, and the cliffs are certainly not far away. Will the sun show itself? You can enjoy a wonderful beach day in Dover. A stay at the Hotel Ramada Dover or one of the many charming B&Bs completes the experience.

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Experience Birmingham

Birmingham may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of a city trip, but a visit to England’s second city is still worth considering! Why? Because this city has the best natural and cultural England. How about a morning stroll down authentic shopping streets, including Bullring Shopping Centre, then a delicious lunch on the edge of green Sutton Park or Botanic Gardens? In the evening you relax in your room at the centrally located Hotel McDonald Burlington.

Vibrant Brighton

The seaside city of Brighton has become one of the UK’s hippest cities in recent years. A few years ago you mainly traveled to Brighton for the beach and the iconic pier, you can enjoy great shopping with many shopping areas. Buying goods at the store. For example, what The Lanes looks like: a mix of narrow, atmospheric streets make for a pleasant shopping area. Didn’t the sun show itself? A large, indoor shopping center is a good alternative. Of course, every city has authentic restaurants and Brighton is no different. Enter the colorfully decorated facade of a local restaurant, choose something delicious, and your city tour is complete!

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Culinary and Cultural Cardiff

Planning to visit Wales? You should not miss Cardiff, visit and visit the castle of the same name Buying goods at the store in the historic center and sitting on one (or better yet: several) terraces. Cardiff, like many places in Wales, has a relaxed atmosphere Vibration. Nowhere is this more evident than in the beautifully situated Bute Park. Bring a picnic blanket and the afternoon will fly by! The latter can easily be combined with a visit to Cardiff Castle, which is practically next. Good value!

On an adventure in Scotland: Dundee

Edinburgh. Cheque! Glasgow. Cheque! Dundee. yes One and a half hour drive from the above location Hotspots Dundee is a beautiful and surprisingly versatile city. Situated on Scotland’s longest river, the Tay, has a special and cultural atmosphere. Dundee’s compact city center is easy to explore on foot, making it ideal for a city break. Take a walk on the beach, order a beer at a traditional pub, or try one of the outdoor activities like a giant climbing wall or mountain biking.

What is your favorite city in England? Share your tips with us in the comments or leave your experiences in a review.

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