6 Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2021

There are a lot of excellent keyboard apps for phones. Most devices come with Gboard by default, but it’s very easy to try a free alternative. We discuss the six best keyboards, and all of the apps are worth testing.

What is the best keyboard app?

It is difficult to give a good answer to the question of what is the best keyboard for Android. If you look at the most commonly used keyboard, you will go to Gboard. It comes pre-installed on most phones, and in recent years we’ve seen more and more manufacturers put their keyboards aside and opt for Gboard.

At a time when Huawei was still one of the largest smartphone manufacturers, not too long ago SwiftKey, like Gboard, was preinstalled on many phones. It is actually the standard keyboard on Huawei devices. SwiftKey is undoubtedly the main opponent of Gboard, and the two apps share a lot of features, but they have their own dialects.

Which one you like comes down to personal preference, but we give Gboard a slight preference, because this app is also the most used here on Androidworld editors. In this article you will discover the 6 best keyboards from Androidworld, and also explain the strengths of Gboard or SwiftKey.

6 best keyboard apps

1. Simple Keyboard

Just as the name suggests: simple and no-nonsense. An app that comes without bells and whistles and puts user privacy in the first place. NS simple keyboard You will only find a limited number of themes and you can adjust the size of the keyboard. You can also add a number row optionally and there’s a swipe gesture to remove it, but that’s about it as far as the features are concerned.

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This app comes without emoji, gif, spelling, and Swype support. On the other hand, you do not have to give the app special rights while you are using an app that respects the privacy of its users. Unlike many popular keyboards that study your typing habits. You can view the Simple Keyboard source code in the format github.

simple keyboard

Just as the name suggests: simple and no-nonsense. An app that comes without bells and whistles and puts user privacy in the first place. On a simple keyboard…

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6 Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2021

2. Gboard

Not only is Gboard the keyboard that you get as standard on your phone, but it’s also just an excellent app. A keyboard packed with features: from hand gestures, to Google Translate support, speech typing and third-party sticker packs that you can add.

Google also comes with a full set of themes and a well-arranged settings menu built right into your phone’s settings. The keyboard supports more than 626 different languages ​​and dialects, setting it apart from its competitors, including SwiftKey. Gboard is a very complete application that satisfies most of its users.

Gboard: Google keyboard

Gboard: Google keyboard

Gboard is the official Google keyboard that was previously only available for Nexus devices. From June 2013 it can be found in the Play Store and k..

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6 Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2021

3. Flexible

Many jobs are one thing, but flexible Focuses on the most important function of a keyboard: typing. Fleksy says his speech suggestions are the best. Manufacturers also boast of writing the Guinness World Record on a smartphone, which With the username Fleksy Situations.

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But of course there is more than that. Fleksy’s text suggestions may also suggest using emojis at appropriate times. In addition, there are more than 50 themes and Fleksy can also help you open apps faster, right from the keyboard. Unlike SwiftKey and Gboard, the keyboard doesn’t have an incognito mode, and there’s a good reason for that. Everything you type does not leave the keyboard anyway and the data is stored locally on your device.

Fleksy Keyboard English - Emoji Keyboard GIF

4. OpenBoard

OpenBoard It is a simple and privacy friendly keyboard. It is independent of Google whose full code is published. You can check it out on the developer’s website github. Although the app is less feature-rich than Gboard, it can do more than Simple Keyboard. There is support for spelling and emoji. In addition, you can choose from various themes to customize the keyboard to your liking.



Anyone who attaches great importance to ensuring privacy on his or her device should definitely have a look at OpenBoard. This is a keyboard no..

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6 Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2021

5. Microsoft SwifKey

SwiftKey It is one of the oldest keyboard apps for Android, available since 2010. Six years later Microsoft Chefs Famous keyboard app. There are quite a few SwiftKey features that you will find in Gboard and vice versa, but there are a few aspects where this app excels.

You can precisely resize the keyboard to your liking on SwiftKey, and you’ll get slightly faster access to icons compared to Gboard. Moreover, the app has a handy clipboard in which you can save different parts of the text for easy copying. However, SwiftKey supports slightly fewer languages ​​than Gboard, and there is no support for third-party sticker packs. Finally, it’s easy to be the first to start using the new SwiftKey, because all you have to do is SwiftKey Beta to install.

6. Chrome

Bee Chrome Elegance is the most important. If you are a fan of computer games, or you know someone who is a gamer, you have probably seen RGB lighting consoles. Chroma has its own RGB theme for its fans. Like a chameleon, the keyboard can also capture the color used in the application in which it appears.

Moreover, Chrooma comes with popular features like: text suggestions, emoji keyboard, GIF support, gestures and word corrections that work in multiple languages ​​at the same time.

Chrome - Chameleon RGB Keyboard

6 Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2021

What keyboard do you use on your phone? Do you change regularly or have you been using the keyboard out of habit for a long time? Perhaps you felt like testing one of the above? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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