6x facts about the new XRISM space telescope

A space telescope floating outside the Earth’s atmosphere. There, he can observe and take pictures of light and radiation that cannot be seen from Earth. The most famous space telescope is the Hubble.

X ray

While other space telescopes see mainly galaxies, XRISM sees the hot gas in between. An X-ray telescope is used for this.

to arise

The researchers hope to use data from the X-ray telescope to recover lost information to solve mysteries about the formation of stars and planets.


Dutch researchers have created a special “filter wheel” for the telescope. With this disk, astronomers can choose the radiation they want to see. Compare it to color filters where you can choose whether you want to see only red or only blue.

first light

“First light” is what astronomers call the first images they receive from a new telescope. Exciting Moment: Will they learn more about the mysterious space with this new device?


Launching the telescope is really exciting. XRISM has been put on a rocket that explodes with highly flammable materials! The launch was also delayed several times because the weather conditions were not ideal. So it stays exciting for a while…

By Evelyn Gilot

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