70 coins found in the stomach of a rare crocodile strange

A rare American alligator underwent surgery after veterinarians discovered 70 coins in the animal’s stomach.

look. 70 coins found in the stomach of an American crocodile

The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium of Omaha examined ten alligators during routine care. X-rays showed the presence of foreign metal objects in the stomach of one of the crocodiles, called Thibodocus.

Thibodaux is a rare crocodile that is 36 years old. The animal looks like a white crocodile, but with blue eyes. Only seven of them are thought to exist worldwide. As with albinism, leucism is a disorder that causes decreased pigmentation.

A veterinary procedure has been initiated as soon as possible to safely remove the items before they cause any problems.

“Using his training, Thibodaux was sedated and intubated so we could safely manage him during the procedure,” explains Christina Blogg, the assistant veterinarian at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium Omaha who led the operation. She added: “A plastic tube was placed to protect his mouth and to allow safe passage for the tools used to access the coins, such as the camera that helped us recover these coins.”

X-rays confirm that all coins have been successfully removed. The zoo announced on social media that the crocodile has recovered well and has now returned to its home.

Lucky coins

According to an ancient tradition, tourists often throw coins into the water in the hope of getting good luck or making a wish come true. In this case, it is suspected that visitors threw coins into the water to move the crocodile. In order to preserve the safety of the animals, the zoo requests that this not be done. Alternatively, the coins can be exchanged for a commemorative coin. In addition, there is also a designated wishing well in the park’s “Desert Dome.”

However, many coins are still found in the animals’ habitat. The zoo responds to concerns about removing most of the coins during routine cleanups, but alligators obtain the coins before they are removed.

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