A British man saw his wife (39 years old) suddenly collapse at his father’s funeral: “She was giving a beautiful eulogy” | outside

Double tragedy for James West: The Briton had to say goodbye to his father Roy (81 years old) in October, but suddenly saw his partner Sarah Healy (39 years old) collapse at the funeral. At that moment she was giving a beautiful eulogy in memory of her father-in-law. The cardiac arrest might have killed her. Their three children (aged 6, 7 and 17) witnessed the tragedy in Staines, a town near London.

Now – three months later – Hailey’s parents and brother still look back in disbelief at this ironic twist of fate. “Sarah was one of the people who was allowed to speak highly of Roy (who died of cancer; editor),” her mother Gladys says in The Sun. “However, during her speech she fell lifelessly to the ground. Strange, because she had never complained about her heart before.

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“It was of course an unexpected blow to her partner, who had just lost his father. But we also couldn’t pinpoint what had just happened at all. From now on, three young children will have to do without their mother.”

Hailey worked as a nurse and specialized in treating cancer patients. Recently, she also established her own beauty salon.

“The hardest ever”

“Losing my oldest and only sister was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure,” her sister Trisha said. “We talked to each other every day. Our relationship was incredibly close, as only sisters know. Life will never be the same again, but talking with friends is comforting. Meanwhile, I also learned to cry anywhere, without To feel ashamed.

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Hailey’s father threw himself completely into his work during the grieving process. “I have also read many books about the sudden loss of a loved one. An important lesson I learned: Don’t give up. Instead, try to do something noble in memory of the deceased.

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