A doctor who worked in Gaza testified: “The ceiling of the operating room fell on us after the explosion.” The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

British-Palestinian surgeon Ghassan Abu Sitta has been active with Doctors Without Borders in various hospitals in the Gaza Strip for weeks. He saw terrible things there, he testified during a press conference.

The Israeli army issued a general evacuation order on October 12. This also applies to the 22 hospitals in northern Gaza.

“One day, the hospital director received a call from the Israeli army ordering him to evacuate,” Dr. Sta said. “When he did not comply, the Israeli drones fired two missiles at the hospital fence,” the surgeon said. “The director said he then received a second call from the same Israeli officer,” Dr. Sta said. The next day, a “huge explosion” occurred.

Cars burned at Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City. © Pictures News

“One of the most horrific things I saw in Al-Shifa Hospital was when the dead and wounded were brought in after the airstrike. Colleagues were running like crazy in the emergency room, looking at the faces of the injured and dead to see if their loved ones were among the injured. And in many cases to find out,” the doctor said. Whether their children are among the victims.”

An explosion also occurred in Al-Ahli Hospital. “A deafening whistle came towards us. This actually indicated a missile. And then there was a huge explosion. It was clear from the size of the explosion that it happened directly outside the hospital or directly inside it. The ceiling of the operating room fell on us. Fortunately, I was not hurt and was able to get out.”

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Cars burned at Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City.
Cars burned at Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City. © National Police Agency / Environmental Protection Agency

“I walked to the corridor where you can see the square in front of the hospital, where I had also seen families before. Ambulances were on fire. Some cars were on fire. The square was full of bodies and body parts.”

Israel held the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement responsible for the explosion that occurred in Al-Ahli Hospital, while Hamas pointed the finger of blame at Israel.

Human Rights Watch said over the weekend that evidence suggested an errant rocket of a type “often used by Palestinian armed groups” was the likely cause of the explosion that led to numerous casualties at Gaza’s Al-Ahli Hospital on October 17.

Hostage Ron (25 years old) managed to escape from Hamas after the explosion and wandered around Gaza until Palestinian civilians found him and handed him over to the terrorists.

HLN Research. Hamas confirms that it killed children and burned them alive. Or did someone spoof their website? (+)

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