A fitness trainer was bitten by a python while filming a promotion in a parking lot (video)

A fitness trainer went viral after he was bitten in the ear by a snake while filming a promotional video showing the reptile as an accessory.

Lenny Makinde, who runs a gym in the UK, has been filmed pushing himself over a 25kg snake he borrowed from a friend to prove to Londoners that you can train ‘anytime, anywhere’. But as he’s recording an epilogue for the segment on his Instagram profile, the snake bites his ear, causing Makindi to scream in horror.

The 28-year-old had previously recommended horseback riding, fitness and an exotic ice cream truck in a series of bizarre but impactful workouts across London.

He said Evening Standard: “I felt cheated and wasn’t immediately happy by the end of the movie, let’s try something else. The snake must have heard me and thought, ‘I’ve had enough and I’ll show you.'” Right after I said it was the only snake I trust, it bit me.

in shock

“The guy didn’t hurt, I’m fine. I have saliva on my ear, a small wound, but I’m fine. I was especially shocked because I’m so busy with my videos that I forgot there was a snake around my neck…”

McKindy said he wanted to make his training “more creative” every step of the way and that it was a natural progression to include wildlife, and moments later he filmed himself riding his horse for the first time.

“For my videos, I just try to be creative and think outside the box to push myself as far as possible.”

Research shows British gyms lost £3.1 billion due to the pandemic before they were finally allowed to reopen on Monday when lockdown measures were eased.

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Photo: Pixabay Bron: Evening Standard

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