A growing role for future queens Camilla and Kate

Who will take over the duties of Queen Elizabeth during her break? Although not included in the official script, there is undoubtedly a huge role for future Queen Camilla and Kate.

heirs to the throne

get down? This is not an option for Queen Elizabeth. Even if her health fails her, she will still be a queen. Then their activities are taken over by the so-called state advisors. By law, they are the first four people in the line of succession to the throne who are over the age of 21. These are currently Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.

little problem for the Royal family Because Prince Harry built a new life in America and retired as a senior royal. Prince Andrew has also pulled out of the Epstein scandal (and lawsuit pending) and no longer performs royal duties. But that doesn’t mean Charles and William have to face it alone. According to royalty experts, she might as well be Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall State Counsellor Has been chosen.

plan c

“from state advisors It’s actually Plan B, but what happens if Plan B isn’t perfect? asks Dr. Craig Prescott, an expert on the British Constitution. The Queen may add the Duchess of Cornwall to the list. will be anyway State Counsellor When Charles ascended the throne. Or they go down the line of succession to the throne and add Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. They can also list other family members, such as Princess Anne or Prince Edward.”

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Camila and Kate

Duchess Camilla and Kate have become more visible on the royal stage in recent years. And although Camila may soon become more important legally within the realm of Royal family, stand both dukes Now for a big challenge.

For example, they will be accompanying their husbands, Prince Charles and Prince William, to COP26 in Glasgow this week. Queen Elizabeth will already be present at this important climate summit, but she should rest for a longer period on the advice of a doctor.

Royal family correspondent Natalie Oliveri of Camilla and Kate wrote: “The two women now face the biggest diplomatic challenge they have faced at the largest gathering of world leaders the UK has ever seen.” “It’s not about them, it’s about the big names they have to host in Her Majesty’s absence. Everyone expects the Dukes to excel at that. But can they show the UK still has diplomatic power without the real star of the show?”

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Duchess Kate, Prince William, Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles at the No Time To Die premiere, September 2021. Photo: BrunoPress

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