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On December 11th, a series of tornadoes left a trail of destruction in the eastern and central United States. The office building of Sonny Gibson, who resides in the small town of Mayfield, Kentucky, was also completely destroyed. Nine days after a severe storm, Gibson suddenly heard a light meow while clearing the debris. The man knew right away that it was Madix, the “office cat”. The animal miraculously survived the collapse of the building.

Gibson immediately went to look for the black cat after a series of tornadoes, but lost hope of finding the animal alive after a few days. However, as the man was cleaning up one Sunday afternoon, Madix was heard meowing softly. “At first I thought my thoughts had misled me, so I called his name and he resumed,” Gibson said.

Because the sound was so quiet, Gibson could not immediately locate Madix. That is why he phoned some colleagues who had come to look for the cat. Soon after, they find Madix in a pit under the rubble. The animal was very hungry and thirsty, but was otherwise terrified. Gibson took Madix home, where the cat will now live a long and happy life.

Sonny Gibson’s cat, Madix. © AP

“Good things in terrible situations”

I do not understand how he survived the hurricane and the devastation that befell him. It was a wonderful feeling to have in my arms, said Gibson of the miraculous fate of the cat. “If a cat really had nine lives, he probably used up eight in those nine days.”

Madix’s story spread quickly in Mayfield. “It’s a blessing that people hear the story, so they realize that good things can also come from terrible situations,” Gibson concludes with relief.

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