A lesson in arguing and falling in love

Tomorrow, the Expedition Next Festival will take place in Franeker. There are no less than 100 science activities to visit and kids can ask questions about everything. For example: How does falling in love work? Or argue?

We’ve already spoken with two researchers who will be there tomorrow: sociologist Linda Deutz – who knows a lot about falling in love – and Theresa Lajeward of the University of Victoria – looking at how to best handle conflict.

There’s a lot covered: How seriously should you take baby love? Shouldn’t we just suffer unrealistic breaks so often? What about something like consensus? Do we teach our children the right things?

We also discuss how we can better argue. For example, be aware of the tendency not to be able to see beyond opinion. Just because you think what someone thinks is stupid doesn’t mean you should think the whole person is stupid, says LaGuard. Does conflict always have to be resolved?

This and much more during Next Expedition, National Science Festival† It is now sold out, but there is a possibility that some tickets will become available the same day.

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