A lot can be solved digitally, but not what healthcare represents on a daily basis.

Researchers have found that no matter where in the world you ask, health comes first when people are asked to rate what matters to them most. Health and family. These two concepts are clearly related. Health is simply defined as “the ability to solve the tasks that confront you in daily life and that are important to you.” And then the family becomes important, too. That’s why these services need a solution close to the people!

Then it becomes clear that what is defined as our health services are important to people. While the individual is responsible for his health on a daily basis, society as a whole is responsible for the health of the population. This responsibility arises particularly when health fails and illness becomes a part of everyday life.

In 2009, the government of the Reds and Greens launched the cooperation reform under the name “The right treatment – in the right place – at the right time”. One of the main points was to build a stronger health infrastructure across the country, where the vast majority of health problems could be resolved as soon as possible for people and their daily lives.

Attack on health infrastructure

It is an attack on our health infrastructure when local hospitals are closing at the same time as the government has collapsed the GP programme, exacerbating blue light services and threatening health education outside major cities. End.

What the previous government launched as cooperation and coordination between health services, became under this government the centralization of health services. We believe that medical centers in the region must become part of an ever-expanding future solution to ensure that service areas have a right to: a health service that everyone can enjoy, wherever they are. They should be developed into health centers in areas where public health thinking about disease prevention and health promotion becomes an integral part.

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Today we have many different resources, such as ensuring the quality of diagnosis through telemedicine and interpretation of x-ray images in collaboration between general practitioners and/or medical specialists and hospital doctors. But the most important thing is that specialist doctors license such health centers in the region.

These funds are managed by the health trusts and we think they will agree that it is easier for many patients to refer to a medical professional than it is for many patients to a medical professional. From an environmental, economic and social point of view. In recent years, proposals to close study places in provincial cities, such as the attempts to close nursing education on Namsos, have made us painfully aware of the importance of employment in education. Namdalene and Namsos services are largely provided by nurses who have been trained by Namsos.

Decentralized health education for the whole of Norway

Some may think that the ability to move to where the jobs are should have been greater among the Norwegian population, as well as health professionals. But since the health sector is and will remain the situation in the future, the need for precarious jobs is the most obvious. Nurses and health professionals primarily for hire for home health services, nursing homes, and hospitals

This is the need for district training as well as the fact that there are very few trained doctors in this country which is why NTNU is now training doctors in Levanger and will start immediately in Ålesund. It happens with teachers from NTNU Trondheim, but with teaching and practice in hospitals in Levanger and Ålesund, along with teaching from the campus in Trondheim.

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There must be more of these. There should be more district medical centers or district health centers and more decentralized health education.

It’s a new time. A lot can be solved digitally, but not what healthcare represents on a daily basis. The Wasat Party guarantees the dissolution of all services that are close to the people. A vote for the Center Party in this fall’s election is a vote for better and better health services where you live.

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