A mother and her boyfriend were arrested after neglecting three…

Police have arrested a Houston mother of three underage boys and her boyfriend after officers discovered that the three siblings had been living next to their deceased brother in their apartment for a year. The man is suspected of killing the eight-year-old.

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The oldest of the three kids — 15, 10 and 7 — had a hallucinatory phone call with police in Houston, Texas, on Sunday afternoon. He said his eight-year-old brother died a year ago and his body has been in their apartment ever since.

The officers immediately went to the site and found three brothers and the remains of their brother. “It appears that the remains of the body have been there for a long time,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. Apparently, their parents abandoned the boys. “They took care of each other. The elder took care of his two younger brothers.” It is unclear if any of the three brothers went to school.


It is clear that all three have been neglected. Police said they were suffering from malnutrition and physical injuries. They were taken to the hospital and received treatment there. The children’s mother and boyfriend have since been questioned. It is not clear what led to this.

After a search, the boys’ 35-year-old mother and boyfriend were arrested on Wednesday. The woman is suspected of injuring children due to negligence and concealment of evidence. Al-Sharif said her 31-year-old boyfriend is accused of killing the boy, who was eight when he died in 2020. Both are in custody pending further charges and a final trial.

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