A special discovery in the rainforests of New Guinea: the Chocolate Frog | Science

A team of Australian researchers discovered a special tree frog in the rainforests of New Guinea. Because of its brown skin color, it is now called the chocolate frog.

The green tree frog is also found in New Guinea and Australia. “It’s the closest thing to a tree frog that we discovered in New Guinea,” Paul Oliver, one of the scientists responsible for the discovery, said in a press release. “The two types look similar, only the one we know is green and has a nice brown color.”

The fact that the chocolate frog has not yet been discovered is not surprising, scientists said. “The frog lives in very hot and swampy areas with lots of crocodiles, all of which discourage exploration,” said Steve Richards, another researcher who believes the chocolate frog may be common in New Guinea.

Newly discovered chocolate frog. © Steve Richards

The island, from which the western part belongs to Indonesia, was connected to present-day Australia. “Despite the fact that many Australians do not know New Guinea very well, many animals are common there and with us,” says Richards. “Knowing the biodiversity of New Guinea also helps us understand its history and origins. Animals.”

By the way, the official name for the newly discovered frog is not the chocolate frog Litoria Mira. Litoria is the name of the frog genus that has dozens of branches in Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. Because it was a surprising discovery finding a neglected relative of a well-known frog family in the rainforests of New Guinea, Oliver explains.

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