a stranger. This loud natural phenomenon is occurring for the first time in seventeen years

Photo Wikimedia Commons / James St. John – Magicicada cassini

Ah, natural wonders. It is revealed en masse in documentaries, but there are probably still an infinite number of natural phenomena that you don’t know about. One of these events will take place in the United States for the first time in seventeen years this year.

In particular, we are talking about the appearance of the Magicicada cassini. This creature is seventeen years old, but the cicada only shows itself to the outside world for a few weeks.

Deafening voice

In several US states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, residents are treated in a private scene every seventeen years. At that moment, billions of cicadas are hatching from the ground. Then they crawl towards the tops of trees where they let their wings dry once they lose their skin. Then follows the most impressive scene of the whole phenomenon: males call females. This makes so much noise that it is one of the loudest natural phenomena in the world.

600 eggs

Once mated, females lay about 600 eggs before birth. The whole phenomenon lasts only a few weeks and then takes a few weeks for the eggs to hatch, after which the nymphs remain in the ground for seventeen years. If you don’t want to miss this scene, it is best to arrange a trip to the United States in May as soon as possible – although that won’t be easy for now.

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