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It’s freezing, which is a good excuse for some to postpone outdoor exercise. “But with some clever modifications, you can continue to exercise quite safely in the cold,” says Professor Bart Rowlands from the Human Physiology and Exercise Physiology Research Group (MFYS) at VUB. What should you take into consideration?

“The cold itself is not a big problem at temperatures like those measured here. If it is -40 or -50 degrees Celsius here, that’s a different thing. But even if the mercury drops to -15 degrees Celsius at night, it won’t “No major difficulties. Of course, it is better to stay indoors with your bike if the path is slippery, to avoid the risk of falling and injuries. But if the road is dry, you can handle it perfectly. You can easily protect yourself from the cold.”

A thick coat is not enough

“Wind resistance is the biggest challenge. Good wind protection costs a lot, but you actually need it all winter long if you are exercising outdoors. So you better invest in that. Dressing warmly should not be limited to wearing a thick coat. Different layers have an insulating effect, and if necessary, you can take something off. Moreover, you cool more in all extremities, so your hands, feet and head should be well protected against the cold. Choose sturdier shoes when walking or walking and wear light-colored clothes And very visible at dusk.

Find a ride closer to home so you can get back easily and quickly if you get too cold.

Professor Bart Rowlands (VUB)

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Adjust your tour

“Use common sense and don’t travel long distances walking, running or cycling just yet. Find a ride closer to home so you can get back easily and quickly if you get too cold. Or if you have to deal with a breakdown: Extreme cold can also be harmful to your bike. “It’s also wise not to exercise alone just yet. If something happens – for example, if you slip – it’s helpful to have someone call for help.”

Drink enough

“When you breathe cold, dry air, you have to keep your throat moist, so you have to drink enough to do that. So, take warm water with you on the road, so it doesn’t freeze as quickly.

Cold or hot shower after exercise?

“An ice bath is not a value-add, it can only provide benefits during multiple competitions in one day. Also, taking a hot bath right away is not a good idea. The best thing you can do is stretch out a little indoors after your workout, and slowly get used to it.” On the heat again and only then go into the bathroom.

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