A tree surgeon after a complaint from resident Albert Dixchenstraat: “A tree… (Wilrick)

Martinus Dienjens is concerned about the trees settling in the back. According to the tree surgeon who sent De Ideale Woning together, no problem. © Patrick de Roo


Commissioned by De Ideale Woning, a tree surgeon examined a tall tree at Albert Dickschenstraat in Wilrijk. A local resident expressed concern for safety. “But according to the expert, there is no problem and the green sample is in perfect condition,” says a Lutgard Heyvaerts spokesperson.

It was local resident Martinus Dengens of Albert Dixchenstraat who was concerned about a tree settling in his back garden. He originally received no response from De Ideale Woning, the social housing company that owns the land on which the trees are located. After telling his story in Antwerp newspaper De Ideale Woning still sends a tree surgeon to the site. His investigation is now complete.

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“According to the expert, there is no problem with the tree and it is in perfect health,” says Luttgard Heifarts, a spokesperson for De Ideale Woning. So there is no immediate danger. A problem may only arise if the tree is pruned because it will then rot. For all these reasons, the expert advises not to prune or dig the tree. The perfect house follows the expert to his conclusion. This is also in line with the efforts of the Social Housing Corporation to be economical with the existing green spaces and environment.”


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