A “weak” Boris Johnson is prime minister, but … “he must fight for political survival every day”

Boris Johnson, the British Conservative leader, was not the only one to survive the first event of a referendum.

Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May faced a vote of confidence in December 2018 after failing to secure her Brexit agreement through parliament. He won 63 percent (Boris Johnson now has 59 percent). Five months later, he was still ousted due to the failure of his Brexit agreement and the poor result in the European elections.

In 1989, Margaret Thatcher also faced a referendum. He won with 84 percent of the vote. That decision, however, indicated that there was some resentment within Thatcher’s party over his tenure as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for a decade.

Dissatisfaction increased the following year. Again it came to a vote, again Thatcher won, but the difference was not enough, so a second round had to be arranged according to the rules of the time. Thatcher, a veteran, initially wanted to take part, but resigned two days later, ending his illustrious career as prime minister.

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