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The beach isn’t exactly where you’d expect a wild boar attack, but it did happen to Italian Rossana Padoan Falcone (57). She had just eaten a pizza on Friday evening when a wild boar bit her in the arm on the beach in Storla, a Genoa neighbourhood.


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“I found myself on the beach, sitting on my towel,” Padoan Falcone told La Repubblica. “I was enjoying a fresh breeze when a wild boar appeared next to me. I was silent – that’s what they advise – but then a giant came towards me and bit my arm.”

The Italian woman said she had just eaten a pizza when the “rather big” pig showed up. “I thought he was attracted to food and he would try to open the cardboard box with some leftovers,” she explained. “But the animal bit me instead.”

At that, the Padoan Falcon shouted. One beachgoer helped her, while others fled in panic. The injured woman was taken to hospital, where she was given antibiotics and other medications in addition to a tetanus shot.


While this isn’t the first time wild boars have ventured onto a Genoa beach – in June three pigs tried to steal food from a table – it’s believed to be the first time someone has actually been bitten. “Nothing like that ever happened.”

“It is unacceptable that citizens and beachgoers are in such danger here,” Padoan Falcon said. “I was on the beach with a couple sitting next to me with a baby in a pram. What if the boar bit the baby? This beach is also accessible for people with disabilities – why are we putting them at risk? The woman concluded that there should be supervision here.

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