A woman who was unjustly shackled and naked in her home receives 2.5 million euros in compensation

On February 21, 2019, Chicago police raided Anjit Young (51 years). Now, nearly two years later, the city’s finance committee has unanimously approved €2.5 million in compensation. Young not only sued the police officers, he sued the city as well.

Note, Jeffsource: NBC

Young had just come home when security agents broke into her door on February 21, 2019, and violently stormed her home. In the video images, taken by the officers’ body cameras, we see the woman naked and handcuffed, visibly shocked and terrified. “What is going on? Asks the social worker.” “There is no one here, I live alone. This is not the home you are looking for. How can this be legal? “We hear her screaming in the video. At the time, it seems the officers finally realized their mistake, and one of them apologized.


After the incident, Young filed a complaint against the police. Recently, the Chicago Police Department ordered the release of the video. Young’s lawyer wondered if the police would have acted in the same way had she been a white young woman. “I don’t think so,” Keenan Salter said. I think the officers were seeing this woman as a weak person who deserved protection and deserved to be kept worthy. But they saw Mrs. Young as less than a human in this situation.”

So the compensation was approved by the City of Chicago Finance Committee last Monday, which was also approved by the full city council today. And according to the Chicago Tribune, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is “relieved” by the decision. “I think it’s a good idea to sort this out,” she said.

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