Absenteeism at a high altitude impacts healthcare: Waiting lists are not shortening | health

In 2019, about 0.6% of hospital staff were still long-term patients; Then one should think of between 92 and 730 days of illness. This percentage is now 3.5%. An increase in long-term absenteeism was observed in nursing homes. This was 3.5% in 2019 and is now just under 5%.

Because of the absence, the number of people waiting for hospital treatment in April is comparable to March. “We estimate that the number of additional people waiting due to COVID-19 is between 100,000 and 120,000,” says the NZa Accessibility Monitor. Crucially planable care – which should be within six weeks – is performed in 95% of hospitals; This, too, has not changed since March in April.


NZa expects hospitals with long waiting lists to find solutions to shorten those waiting lists. “For example, by collaborating with independent hospitals or clinics in the area that have more space or by improving the distribution of operating room capacity. Health insurers should enter into (financial) agreements with health care providers that encourage this. Patients who They are also waiting for caregivers to seek help from the health insurance company to see if there is a faster placement elsewhere (care mediation).”

The screen also shows that treatments for varicose veins and cataracts have returned to pre-pandemic (2019) levels, but breast reduction and lift, umbilical hernia and screw removal remain a long waiting list.

Independent clinics saw as many patients in the first months of 2022 as in 2021. This is 30% more than in 2019. Three hospitals cannot provide critical care that can be fully planned within six weeks. This does not currently lead to bottlenecks, because other caregivers can take over this care.

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