According to the Spanish doctor, sleep is the most important factor for good health

Murcia – Juan Antonio Madrid is a physician from Cartagena, Spain in the region of Murcia and an expert in so-called chronobiology, the study of rhythmic processes in living organisms. He is convinced that sleep is just as important as eating a balanced diet or getting enough exercise.

Juan Antonio Madrid He may be 65, but he’s far from contemplating retirement. As a physician, he is the head of the Chronological and Sleep Biology Laboratory at the University of Murcia. Moreover, he is a world authority in his field. He wants to continue his research at a lower level without completely turning his back on work.

Juan Antonio Madrid recently shared some of his knowledge in his book “Cronobiología: una guía para descubrir tu reloj biológico” (Chronological Biology: A Guide to Discovering Your Circular Clock). Our internal clock with nature’s cycles is a difficult task in a world governed by artificial light and computer screens.

Juan Antonio Madrid emphasizes the past. During the Middle Ages, monasteries only tracked a clock. “Normal” people woke up and went to sleep with the sun, naturally following a very natural rhythm. Today, artificial light ensures that we no longer rely on the sun in the same way we wake up. Dr. Madrid warns against misusing this light. He recommends respecting at least 8 to 10 hours of darkness indoors. Those who don’t can at least lower the light intensity or opt for a warmer color. For example, melatonin is already produced in our brains. The hormone that regulates our sleep cycle.

In the last century alone, Westerners have lost an average of 60 to 90 minutes of sleep per day. With the arrival of smartphones and laptops, this average is still on the decline. Right now we’re at about 7 hours, but for many workers, that’s only 6.5 hours in practice. According to the doctor, we live with chronic sleep deprivation.

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In Spain, after Franco, there is a large gap between solar time and viewing time. In the summer there is a difference of two hours in the winter. As a result, many Spaniards go to bed very late. Therefore, Juan Antonio Madrid is committed to adopting winter time as the official time of Spain throughout the year.

According to the doctor, the irregular sleep cycle also leads to a series of diseases in people who are already prone to them. The immune system weakens, sleep problems become more frequent, and the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases increases. Some types of cancer or diabetes also arise in part from a disturbed sleep pattern.

Finally, the doctor denounces the systematic attack on sleep. In a society focused on productivity and performance, sleep is increasingly being pushed as a waste of time. Sleep can be compared to the body’s daily repair work. “We cannot expect these repairs to take place in just 4 hours, if they have to repair 20 hours of use,” concludes Juan Antonio Madrid.

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