Adamas embraces positive health thoughts

Helgom This year, the four-day dune and lantern parades will be held for the second time. The event, which will take place from October 12 to 15, takes walkers through the most beautiful sites in the Dunes and Lampa District. The start is in Helgom, and the next day the city of Lisse is the starting point. On the third and fourth days, participants start their tour of 5, 15, 20, 30 or 40 kilometers in Noordwijk. The four-day event is committed to a good cause: the Adamas Center for Life with and After Cancer.

At Adamas – the Center for Life with and Beyond Cancer – we work with positive health: a broader vision of health, articulated in six pillars. At Positive Health, the focus is on people themselves, their resilience and what makes their lives meaningful. It’s a way of looking at health more broadly – not just physical health. The method is broken down into six pillars or dimensions: bodily function, mental well-being, meaning, quality of life, engagement and daily functioning.

Exercise has been shown to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. For this reason, it is great that Adamas is associated with the four-day Duin en Bollen walks. You could say that a four-day event, like Adamas, is based on positive health.

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