Adobe Premiere Pro is now M1 original with time saving feature

Adobe has released Update 15.4 for Premiere Pro. The company’s video app is now M1 native. With that, the app follows the path of another good friend: Adobe Photoshop. In addition, Premiere Pro received a manual translation function.

Before we get into the new speech-to-text feature, let’s start with the fact that Premiere Pro 15.4 now runs natively on Apple Silicon. This means that the app can now make the most of the computing power of M1 Macs. In fact, Adobe claims that Premiere Pro on M1 Mac computers is “about 80 percent faster than comparable Intel-based Macs”. This is largely in line with the speed gains that the original M1 implementations had over their Intel predecessors. Adobe also announced the launch of After Effects with native Apple Silicon support “later this year.”

Premiere Pro now also offers speech-to-text

The update also adds a file letter to text Function. The tool can automatically convert the audio in the video into editable text. This can then be used for overlays or subtitles. The feature uses the artificial intelligence of Adobe Sensei. According to Adobe, captions increase the accessibility and sharing of video content. The YouTube demo below shows how the feature works.

from letter to text The function is designed to match the pace of human speech. In addition, there is also the possibility to search for specific moments in a video. You can do this by double clicking on the written word. Then the playback indicator is automatically moved to the appropriate position on the timeline. Currently, the new letter to text 13 languages ​​work, but unfortunately the Dutch language is not included (yet).

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Adobe says this is new letter to text The technology can reduce copy time by up to 75 percent. Even when you factor in the extra time it takes to correct a mistyped audio. according to Pfeiffer Report, which Adobe cites, it takes an average of 12 minutes and 3 seconds to transcribe audio from a five-minute video podcast. Compare that to 1 hour 6 minutes of manual copying without the new Adobe letter to text Function.

Discover scene editing Improvement

Adobe has also improved performance Discover scene editing. This feature uses Adobe Sensei. The tool can detect the start and end points of video sequences. Below is a demo showing how the feature works:

Adobe Premiere Pro 15.4 is available for download for Creative Cloud subscribers using macOS and Windows computers. If it doesn’t update automatically, you can activate it through the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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Adobe Premiere Pro is now M1 original with time saving feature

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